The Russell County Historical Society established in 1970, is a non-profit origination created by county election as caretaker of the history of Russell County, Kansas.


The Mission of Russell County Historical Society is one of education through safeguarding and preservation of county social and economic history.  This is accomplished by collecting artifacts, preserving and displaying them and interpreting materials and information representing the development and growth of the county.

Genealogy records are also maintained.


Please contact us before you toss out items that might be useful in telling the story of Russell County. Due to lack of space, we cannot accept duplicates of items, especially large ones, and we cannot accept items that are too fragile to preserve. Also, we cannot accept pictures of unidentified people, unless they are associated with identified buildings or events. For further information, please telephone the museum or e-mail:


The Russell County
   Historical Society & Genealogy Society

Russell County Historical Society and Genealogy Society
P. O. Box 245 or 331 Kansas Street Russell, Ks 67665
Phone (785) 483-3637

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