Germans from Russia settled the Milberger area in 1876. Some lived in dugouts as they built their town. Despite the fact that the Milberger Post Office was closed in 1912, the community has maintained individuality and a keen sense of pride.  Although Milberger was never incorporated, there is still a spirit of togetherness and unity of purpose in the community.

The first Lutheran Church in the area was established in 1885, north of Milberger. Its members developed problems over doctrine that caused a division in the original congregation. It split and became Immanuel Lutheran located on the south side of Milberger and Emmanuel Lutheran located on the north side of Milberger. On September 28, 1969 the two churches merged to become the United Emmanuel Lutheran Church. It remains fundamental to the city and its residents. See the historic upper part of the Immanuel Lutheran church alter at Fossil Station Museum 331 N. Kansas, in Russell. Built in 1904 it towers more than 12 feet above visitors. It has a unique history of survival.


Milberger, Kansas


Milberger was popular with their great picnics at Becker's Grove and Memorial Day parades and celebrations.

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